Trophy whitetail, elk, and sheep hunting adventures

Hunting along the North Saskatchewan River
Saskatchewan Hunting

Trophy Game Ranch Hunting

Saskatchewan hunting begins in September and runs through February. Ranch hunting is conducted on two separate trophy ranchs which inhabit 500 acres. All Saskatchewan hunting will run two to three days giving you an excellent opportunity for a real trophy. Species available for ranch hunting are whitetail deer, elk, buffalo and wild boar. There will be a limited supply of Big horn, Dall and Stone sheep availiable.

Hunt Whitetail Deer, Elk, Buffalo, Wild Boar, Sheep and more ....

Whitetail DeerWhile hunting with Saskatchewan River Preserve we will assure you that you will be hunting animals in there natural setting and offer you a very challenging trophy hunting adventure. There are plenty of native animals which live on the hunting preserve and you will encounter many flocks of geese and ducks flying to and from the river. The trophy ranch consists of various types of terrain including creeks, sloughs, thickets, hardwoods and field. This is perfect habitat for whitetail deer and allows the hunters to have an enjoyable hunting experience.

Archery, Black powder and Rifle hunting

ElkEach hunter will usually hunt the mornings and the evenings with some down time in the afternoon. Most of the ranch hunting is done from enclosed box blinds which will hold up to three people. The blinds are very comfortable and heaters are available if the weather gets too cold. We offer archery, black powder and rifle hunts.

When you book a hunt with Saskatchewan River Preserve, your trophy hunting is 100% guaranteed success or your money back less the required deposit. Our experienced guides will do their best to get you that trophy of a lifetime and assure you an excellent trophy ranch Saskatchewan hunting adventure.

Corby Lehman
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