Trophy whitetail, elk, and sheep hunting adventures

Hunting along the North Saskatchewan River

Corby Lehman would like to thank all the hunters who were part of a successful 2005 hunting season at Sask River Preserve.  I look forward to having an even better season in 2006.


"It was a hunt of a lifetime. Corby Lehman made me feel very comfortable on my 2003 hunt and handled himself in a professional manner."  "Look forward to hunting with him again."
-Brian Welker-

"I had a great hunt."  "The preserve had very rugged terrain and I was hunting deer in their natural setting."  "I will be hunting with Sask River Preserve again next year and recommend it to anyone."
-Mike Bushey-

"The experience I had with Sask River Preserve was outstanding."  "I had an excellent hunt for a big whitetail and the fishing was very good."
-Dave Bodnar-

"I had a great time and harvested some beautiful animals."
-Jim Eckes-

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